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Landzettel & Sons has been manufacturing paints and coatings in the New York tri-state area for over 80 years.  We’ve learned quite a bit throughout those decades, and are willing to share our experiences with our customers.  We can manufacture product on scales both grand and minute.  We will manufacture your product with precision and quality, paying special attention to the details that matter to you most. 
We currently manufacture, package, and ship material throughout the world.  Our capacities range from producing a single gallon to thousands.  We provide expert color matching and quality control to all of our customers.  Having been in the industry for so many years, we have numerous contacts with both suppliers as well as other manufacturers.  Our production can expand beyond paint and coatings; if you have an idea, we welcome you to send us an email to discuss your proposal.


Acrylic Latex residential house paints (interior & exterior)

Alkyd based trim paints

PVA and Styrenated Acrylics 

Air dry Alkyds

Bake Alkyds

Modified water-dispersible alkyds

Metal primers (solvent-borne alkyds, water-based alkyds, as well as modified quick dry alkyds)

Water-based concrete coatings

Clear waterproofing coatings

Industrial DTM metal coatings (solvent & water)

Low-VOC wood coatings

Specialty coatings

Products that are currently being manufactured in our factory include:

We have extensive knowledge about various other coatings that we’ve produced over the past 85+ years.  Give us a call to find out if we can help with your custom application needs.

Walt Landzettel

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