It all began in a garage...       




The Landzettel Family, now in its fourth generation of paint and coatings manufacturing, began production in Fair Lawn, NJ in 1932 out of a small garage adjacent to the family homestead.  Great Grandpa Henry and his two sons, William and Walter, worked tirelessly through the Depression to keep their company intact.  With this effort the business not only survived, but prospered.  Through war and economic turmoil, the small paint company continued to grow.


In 1949, Landzettel & Sons moved it’s manufacturing plant to its current location on River Road, Fair Lawn. Two factory additions were completed in the late 1960’s and early 2000’s to accommodate further expansion of the business.  Landzettel & Sons had begun as a small local entity serving the surrounding communities.  As time passed, the business has steadily grown into a manufacturing hub that produces product for both local and international businesses.  Even with our expansion, we are still able to grant each of our customers the special attention that they deserve. 


Let us use our 80+ years of small business success to help you achieve your short- and long term professional goals.

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Landzettel & Sons
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