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We started doing business with Landzettel & Sons 26 years ago. The relationship has flourished, due to the fact that both of our companies are family-owned and share a high standard of business ethics. On the professional level, we have never a problem with product manufacturing, quality control, or turnaround time for orders. We have always been able to count on them. The clincher is that during all of these years, we have never had a single product failure.
Tom Heiss
CEO, Advanced Protective Products, Inc.
Shaking Hands


I’ve been doing business with the Landzettels for many years and they are honest, loyal, and get things done on time. Highly recommend!
Earnest Franklin
Historic Paints of America
Growing up in Fair Lawn I’ve known the Landzettel family for most of my life. I have always known them to be an honest and hardworking family. People of great integrity who have served our community in so many different ways. It’s no accident that they run Lazon Paints with the same moral compass that has guided them through life. They have supplied quality paints and associated products to many generations of Fair Lawn families. I’m so happy to see that they have once again entered back into the retail paint business at their store on River Road. I wish them much success in this new endeavor and know that they will provide the same quality paint and customer service to their customers as they have done in the past.
John Cosgrove, President
Atlantic Handling Systems
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